Babies babies babies. Oh boy, how I love them so! Newborns are so cute, so new, and so little. They grow so fast its crazy! I got to meet this little bundle of joy, Savanah. (BTW, love the name!) She looks just like a little doll. Perfect skin and oh so cute! She was five days old in these photos. She was lifting her head in some. She is a very strong little girl. Her older sister Felicity is a cutie pie too. She loved watching her sister and was awesome during the session!  I hope to work with them again! They are a very wonderful family! Thank you guys for booking with me! So much fun!

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Kirby & Bryce

Bryce was a little shy for this session. It was nice and breezy out, so maybe my crazy hair scared him. doesnt stop me from trying to get a good shot, even if its far away! He even tried to pretend he was asleep, maybe thinking I would go away. He is a cute little guy and I am glad to have met him. I am sure he was glad I had left!

It was cute to see him cuddle up to mommy when I would get to close. It’s also good that he knows that, there is a stranger around! I would try to distract him and talk about the birds.

Kirby and Bryce can get somthing alittle extra if you go to my fb page and post “K <;3 B” on my wall. Make sure to “like” the page as well to make it count!. She needs 10 of her friends and family to help. Ends this Friday do show her some love!/lisalynnphotos. Somthing a little fun to do! 🙂