Daddy & Me

This was a fun session with Jesse and His son Brady. Brady is 8 1-2 months. He is a happy little guy with bright blue eyes.

We were watching the weather and went for this day. We had to cancel before because of the weather. Which I am glad because it was perfect and fun! I loved just watching these two. Brady, just checking things all around him. His Dad talking to him, telling him what things were.

It was neat to take photos at the shack. Alot of old vintage/antique items that make it look so fun. It is bright and I loved checking everything all out. Very cool place to sit and watch the water. It is Brady’s grandfathers and his friends shack. So it makes it even better.

So fun to meet Mr Brady and his dad. I hope to work with them again!

Show some Love

Jesse can get alittle gift. All you have to do is make sure you “like” my facebook page and then post on my wall:    daddy ❤ me

He needs 10 post by Oct 31st 2012. Go here ——>

And thats it! A fun little idea so everyone can check his photos out and show love.