Merry Christmas Drawing # 4 Rockland Maine

It’s that time of year again for the Christmas drawing! This will be the 4th year I have been doing this for my clients . Which I think is pretty neat!  Old or new Come join and take part! It will be for a 120.00 photo session! Pretty great huh, I think so!

What do you have to do? 3 steps.


Please email me or on fb like page. (message) everyone’s name in your family, and beside name age, and what Christmas means to you. Make sure to add your home mailing address and your first / last name.  One enter per family. Family of 5 and less please!


Mary 34 – The meaning of Christmas means to me…..

Dan 36- ….

Sarah 10 – ….

Tom-8 …

Rockland Me, 04841


For adults, if you really don’t want to put your age down, its fine. But I do ask for the kids. Because its cute to hear what they say at what age! If you are the winner for this contest, your name and Christmas meaning will be posted! This is not redeemable for cash. It can be used for newborn photography  session. But not products, Only session.

2. Make sure you have “liked” my page. Or are a fan.

3. Tag Lisa Lynn Photos in your status (wall) saying, “I have entered The Merry Christmas Drawing @lisalynnphotos.  Like her page and enter too!”

Not on my wall, yours!

3 pretty easy steps. Ends Dec 20 2012 So hurry and enter! Will post the winner Friday 21st! Pulling a name out of a hat, unless I can find an app! (which I did last year)


Have fun and can’t wait for the 20th!