Cammi’s Belly Session

Cammi was pretty excited to get her photos taken. Who doesn’t? She had her hair done and looked very cute! A glowing momma. Who doesn’t want to feel pretty and glammed up while 8 months pregnant? I know I would have loved too!

Cammi & Josh are Due Feb 8th. Mommy and Daddy are ready to meet their daughter, Mylee Mae Rahkonen! How cute is that name….VERY! I am excited to meet her too. I get to take her newborn photos as well! Yay! Really, snuggles and taking her photos all day. Who wouldn’t be excited?

Mommy and Daddy have been together for almost 2 years, and now entering parenthood. They are ready for you Mylee! Being a momma is a crazy fun and exciting step. But I can tell these too are going to spoil you, oh so much,….You already have more shoes than me! hehe. Of course with love as well. There were family there, that wanted to watch the session. Which I think is great!

Congrats again Cammi and Josh! I can’t wait to get the message that Mylee has arrived!

A fun little game, Cammi can get somthing a little extra with your help. Show her some love on my facebook wall (status). I can keep track of it then. Sometimes fb dosnt notify me with comments on post.  Just write ❤ Mylee . She needs 10 of these little hearts and she will get a little gift! Simple! 🙂 You must like my page for it to count. Thank you for showing her your love!






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