Photo Shoot with Q


I wanted to try out some new gear, so who best will come with me? My wonderful daughter! ūüôā She is a sweet girl and love to come to my studio! She had lots of fun and we got to eat alot¬†of cookies (while I edited) that night. Quincie¬†is going to be 9 next month. She loves to still play with her barbies¬†and loves to pretend she is a doggie at home with her sister and brother. I love all my children. xoxo Thank you to my amazing (big) girl for helping me! xo


Photo Shoot with Q




Spring Deal

Spring Deal

March 14th – 16th there will be 25% off the 120.00 session fee. Dont miss out on this deal! Session will be the same as usual. 15-25 images to view!

-Why is there a limit to images? Because I am not snapping away, and hoping I get a good shot out of 200 images. Overwhelming. Plus, editing 200 images? Crazy! I spend alot of time with edits. I would be sad if I worked hard on an image and a client didnt even see it because there is so many. This year I plan on sticking to my numbers. 15-25 images are alot of photographs (if you order a cd). I do not re-edit images for clients. Go into ordering. You can buy right online in products. Please use code spring13 to get deal March 14-16th. Session must be paid in full. Order online. Cash clients, please make sure to call or email me to pay March 14th-16th at studio.

Please make sure you love your photographer’s work before you decide to book with them. Your investment with Lisa Lynn Photos, will be for a lifetime! I have worked hard to be where I am at today. I thank every single client for booking with me and Letting me capture a moment that will last forever.


Spring cleaning!

Spring is almost here! I am going to be doing a little spring deal . March 14th-16th. 25% off Family photosessions. Session must be paid in full.


Studio is doing great! We had Holiday Mini Sessions, Newborn and Baby bumps in it so far! I plan on keeping it for just these sessions. I will be adding Pinup’s as well. As of now, I will not be doing family sessions in the studio. It’s a nice space, but for family photos, I like the outdoors! I am in the studio 3 days a week. I hope to be in their full-time¬†once I get a sitter for the other 2 days! ūüėČ I do check the email everyday. Weekends I leave open to photo sessions. I am usually not in studio, unless there is a session. Best way to reach me? Email! . When I am at home, I usually do not pick up. (Not that I do not want to talk, because my kiddos are pretty loud!) Also I might be in a photo session. I will call back, next business day. If looking to come into the studio, please make sure to contact me first. I may not be there or in a photo session.

Spring Cleaning!

Prices will be going up in a few areas. Having my own studio and figuring out everything from the past two months I have to do so, in a few areas. Prints and Newborn sessions. Family and couple sessions will stay at 120.00 for 2013.

Newborn sessions will be going up (unfortunately) due to the amount of props, blankets and such. Poopy and pee can ruin blankets and props. So I have to make sure I can replace for next session. I also wash everything and buy a special detergent just for this session. I really LOVE newborn sessions and want the BEST for your baby. Investing with sessions, you have an heirloom to pass down to your children. Session is 175.00 will be 225.00  starting April 1, 2013

Prints will be up on website with new pricing April 1, 2013

Thank you everyone for booking with me! First few months in studio, I am adjusting to things. I hope to be the best photographer I can be and continue to give my clients amazing professional photography!