Spring Deal

Spring Deal

March 14th – 16th there will be 25% off the 120.00 session fee. Dont miss out on this deal! Session will be the same as usual. 15-25 images to view!

-Why is there a limit to images? Because I am not snapping away, and hoping I get a good shot out of 200 images. Overwhelming. Plus, editing 200 images? Crazy! I spend alot of time with edits. I would be sad if I worked hard on an image and a client didnt even see it because there is so many. This year I plan on sticking to my numbers. 15-25 images are alot of photographs (if you order a cd). I do not re-edit images for clients.

www.lisalynnphotos.com Go into ordering. You can buy right online in products. Please use code spring13 to get deal March 14-16th. Session must be paid in full. Order online. Cash clients, please make sure to call or email me to pay March 14th-16th at studio.

Please make sure you love your photographer’s work before you decide to book with them. Your investment with Lisa Lynn Photos, will be for a lifetime! I have worked hard to be where I am at today. I thank every single client for booking with me and Letting me capture a moment that will last forever.

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