Meet Ashley, My Senior Rep for the class of 2014!

1_edited-1099 copy


Ashley was pretty quick about filling out the forms to see if she could be Lisa Lynn Photos Senior Rep for me this year. I look for that in my reps.

What is a Senior Rep?

I started this last year. A Senior Representative for Lisa Lynn Photos, is a Jr that is highly motivated,  fun, and ready to shout out my name to all there friends and family! 😉 She/He gets Senior Rep cards to pass out to friends and family. If I get a booking from their card, they get points, that will go towards their order.

Ashley got to have Senior Sassy Sesh for free! Yes her session was free! Why? Because she will be getting her photos done earlier than the others, and she will be Representing Lisa Lynn Photos. You are referring people to me. It’s also a thank you, for doing this for me! 🙂 She is fun, motivated and a hard worker. You also have to fill out forms within a certain time which again she did and I really need a rep like her!

I hired Miss Marci Moody for hair and makeup for Ashley! Ashley got curls and pinned a bit to the side. Her makeup were natural tones. Lipstick… Ashley didn’t want any, but I told her it will fade off later. Hehe. It was a natural tone so you couldn’t tell. Session is about her! Lets get her dolled up! 🙂

We did a few shots inside the studio, just to really warm her up. Then headed out in Rockland and Rockport! It was fun. The weather was perfect! I have finished a few photos and have ordered her Rep Cards. If you are friends with Ashley, ask her about it! Grab a card from her and book with me, get 10% off your session! The cards will expire and she has until July 1st to get points! Then its her turn to order her photos! So book now! 😉

Please check out my facebook page for more photos! Feel free to like it as well. If looking to book a session. Please contact me for more info! 🙂


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