Nadia in my wedding dress Rockland Maine 2013

I saw this photo of a little girl in her mothers wedding dress. My wedding dress has been sitting in the closet after we got married. I was thinking of selling it or do a trash the dress….but never thought of my girls wearing them! These images are going to be in my bedroom. I think they are so cute. I hope one day she will look back and love these! ❤ Next is my oldest daughter





Nadia (lisalynnphotos)

Nadia )lisalynnphotos)


My oldest daughter wanted to wear my dress too. She said she was so excited. I mean really….trying on your mothers dress at this age is something she will remember forever. She said when she gets married, she wants to wear this dress.

My mom borrowed her wedding dress. She didn’t have many photos of her in it. She was married right in her living room with my dad. It was very small. I think wow, what the heck am I going to do with this dress now? Sell it? Do a “trash the dress” session? I saw this idea and thought, wow this is perfect. (I’ am thinking in future too) This would be the best wedding gift for my daughters when they are getting married.

I do plan on hanging one in my room and there is a more dramatic one of Quincie that I will hang in the living room.


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