Looking for Senior Reps 2015

ImageI am looking for a Senior Rep! Please email me for an application. I will be taking applications until Feb 11th. Don’t miss out on this! if you are a cheerful outgoing person. I want to hear from you!  Must be graduating and in the 2015 class. 




What’s Happening in Jan. 


So in Dec I have been doing a big time over view of Lisa Lynn Photos. Just like all business owners everywhere. Adjusting price, setting my goals and just making sure I am still where I need to be to survive in this photography world. I am still adjusting things… still. Its very stressful but I am glad I have my awesome husband to support me. 

I have deleted my personal facebook account for now, But I had a “Lisa Lynn Photos” account back in 2010. I reactivated that to keep my fan page alive. Which I need!!! Why did I delete it? Well, right now, I need to focus on my photography. Esp during this slow time of year. So my friends don’t you worry. I am still in the social networking world! Still on facebook (fanpage), twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and going to start blogging more. Marketing is something I lack. The past few days I have been working my butt off and have made progress. So, yay go me! 

I guess when I am where I need to be I will treat myself back into the facebook world.

So what else is happening? I have been working my butt of to book Boudoir Photography. OOO lala. Jan 28th I have made a cut off date so I can work on them and give them to you before Feb 14th! This weekend Jan 25th-26th I am offering 10% off lite session.

Feb 13th I have been asked to photograph Venetian Masquerade to benefit Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. This will be at Cappy’s Chowder house in Camden Maine! Yay so excited!

If you buy a print, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. Photos will be up on my website! 🙂 


Interested in Booking a session with me? Please email me at lisalynnphotos@gmail.com 

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Feel pretty

This year I started off with Boudoir/Glamour Photography. How great is that? I have done these session in the past. {At location, and lucky to have a few hours in a cozy Inn.}

This year it will be at my studio. Woman who look for this session, usually want to give it as a gift to a husband to be, or spouse. Wedding gift, valentines day gift, maybe Christmas? This session is PERFECT for it. Really to spice things up, why not? It is truly the best gift ever. YOU!

I just provided a free session to a client in return to use her images online and market these sessions more. I think what gave to her and her to me, was so much more.

She had her hair professionally styled with big curls looked perfect with her long dark hair. They gave her a smokey eyes as well. She had all kinds of different outfits. I really liked the white lace. Its a shirt but we just didn’t have her wear a tank top, just a bra. (I have actually seen girls wear this around…I am not that daring.) I wanted to start off just relaxed. Cozy up on the bed. The session was fun and she changed into a few different outfits.

I am really happy Danielle had fun. She had told me that this session really has helped her. She is a mother of 4. But today she got to feel like a woman. Getting pampared, dressing up, then posing and having the lights on you, just making you feel amazing!

“I’m ecstatic that I was able to model for this boudior shoot to boost Lisa Spaulding marketing! Not only was this a amazing experience but I had so much fun, felt beautiful, confident and like a ” Sexy Woman” , not the usual insecure mother of 4. Thank you Lisa, I can’t wait to see the rest  If anyone is looking for a truly talented photographer make sure you click on her link! Lisa Lynn Photo!!!! “- Danielle

This session is not only towards ladies who are looking to give this as a gift. This session just makes you feel good. Getting pampered up and just boosting your self esteem/ confidence . Feeling sexy as all woman are and should feel! Even if you are a mother, or a grandmother, you still are a woman. You are beautiful, even as we age. We still feel and want to feel sexy, glam, confident, daring, and my favorite, BEAUTIFUL.





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