What’s Happening in Jan. 


So in Dec I have been doing a big time over view of Lisa Lynn Photos. Just like all business owners everywhere. Adjusting price, setting my goals and just making sure I am still where I need to be to survive in this photography world. I am still adjusting things… still. Its very stressful but I am glad I have my awesome husband to support me. 

I have deleted my personal facebook account for now, But I had a “Lisa Lynn Photos” account back in 2010. I reactivated that to keep my fan page alive. Which I need!!! Why did I delete it? Well, right now, I need to focus on my photography. Esp during this slow time of year. So my friends don’t you worry. I am still in the social networking world! Still on facebook (fanpage), twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and going to start blogging more. Marketing is something I lack. The past few days I have been working my butt off and have made progress. So, yay go me! 

I guess when I am where I need to be I will treat myself back into the facebook world.

So what else is happening? I have been working my butt of to book Boudoir Photography. OOO lala. Jan 28th I have made a cut off date so I can work on them and give them to you before Feb 14th! This weekend Jan 25th-26th I am offering 10% off lite session.

Feb 13th I have been asked to photograph Venetian Masquerade to benefit Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. This will be at Cappy’s Chowder house in Camden Maine! Yay so excited!

If you buy a print, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. Photos will be up on my website! 🙂 


Interested in Booking a session with me? Please email me at lisalynnphotos@gmail.com 

Check out my facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/lisalynnphotos

Twitter: @lisalynnphotos

Instragram: Lisa Lynn Photos

Pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/ninjagirl02/my-photography-lisalynnphotos/


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