Nathaniel – Rockland Maine Newborn Photography

Sweet baby Nathaniel, how cute are you? This little boy was 10 pounds and 5 ounce. So I guess he was a big little baby. He came to my studio in Rockland and we start the session. I wrapped him up and rocked him to get him sleepy. All babies do take time to settle. Each baby that has come in to visit me are all different. So please do no worry!

With Newborn Sessions I love to capture the womb like stage. They are going to grow each week and this stage will be gone. I love how each parent will get to save this precious moment forever.

When do I book Newborn Sessions? I suggest 5-10 days young.

Lisa Lynn Photos

Best time to book? While you are pregnant. I book a certain number of clients each month and If I am booked I do not want you to miss out on the opportunity on your Newborn Session. So please make sure to contact me and we will set up for a consultation!

I do offer belly and baby package as well.

Contact me for details.

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