Cinda & Tyler

May 12th 2012

A prefect day for Cinda and Tyler. Weather was great! These two met in highschool. So I am so honored to capture moments that will last a lifetime for them. Cinda, her sister and her mother all had there hair done at John Pauls in Rockland. One of my favorite part of the day as a photographer. Is the hair. Watching the bride just gleam and be so happy/excited/nervous. However they are feeling. Cinda was pretty calm and full of smiles.

Cinda’s shoes were great! A bright blue colored shoes with a pretty bow on the side. Love how brides are going with different colored heels! All of her bridesmaids looked amazing and Cinda just amazing. Bead work on her dress. Just gorgeous.

I had each of them do my traditional “love notes” . I have the bride and groom write a note to each other and they will get to read it when they get there package. Its just something fun I have been doing for three years now!

Cinda was too cute. She was all giggles during the ceremony. Which is so great to see, and hear! Just two people being themselves. Tyler was pretty nervous but you would never tell!  They both are an amazing couple and I am so happy for them. I wish them luck on a very fun chapter in there lives together! Thank you again Cinda and Tyler for having me as your photographer!



**Somthing alittle fun: Cinda and Tyler can get something alittle extra with your help. All you have to do is make sure you are a fan or “like”, as they say, on my fb page. Write on my wall, C ❤ T and your done. If they get 10 people to do this. I am going to add something alittle extra in there package! 🙂 Please just do it once. Make sure you are a fan, or it will not count. Easy as that! **



I wanted to take a quick photo of my youngest daughter, Nadia. She is growing so fast and her birthday will be here before you know it. She will be one Aug 4th! So cute photos and momma can keep practice. She didnt really like the feel of the tutu. They are so cute. I know the grandmothers will love them!