Nathaniel – Rockland Maine Newborn Photography

Sweet baby Nathaniel, how cute are you? This little boy was 10 pounds and 5 ounce. So I guess he was a big little baby. He came to my studio in Rockland and we start the session. I wrapped him up and rocked him to get him sleepy. All babies do take time to settle. Each baby that has come in to visit me are all different. So please do no worry!

With Newborn Sessions I love to capture the womb like stage. They are going to grow each week and this stage will be gone. I love how each parent will get to save this precious moment forever.

When do I book Newborn Sessions? I suggest 5-10 days young.

Lisa Lynn Photos

Best time to book? While you are pregnant. I book a certain number of clients each month and If I am booked I do not want you to miss out on the opportunity on your Newborn Session. So please make sure to contact me and we will set up for a consultation!

I do offer belly and baby package as well.

Contact me for details.

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Ariana – Rockland Maine Newborn Photographer

How beautiful is she? Baby Ariana came to my studio last month. She is so perfect, look at her set of hair! I know that Newborn Portraits are such a huge milestone for each parent. You fall in love with your baby the moment you know you are expecting. I love that I can create an amazing portrait that will be cherished for a lifetime.





Thank you again Michelle and Alan for booking with me! She is truly a beauty!

Your sweet little baby grows everyday. Learning everyday. I capture this stage because it will go by quick, even when you do not want too.

Looking to book your Newborn Session with me? Please contact me!

Rockland, Maine Newborn Photograpeher

Blake – Rockland Maine Newborn Session

Meet Mr Blake! I had fun cuddling up with him and chatting with his mommy! I warm up the studio for all the newborns. I have taken my first newborn class and baby Blake was the 2nd newborn baby from it. I really love the newborn sessions and am looking forward into my new babies in 2015!

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If you are interested in booking a newborn session please contact me at I suggest 5-10 days young.

Willow – Newborn Session – Maine

Meet Willow. She was so good for the newborn session. I had fun with her and loved meeting her and her mom Ashley! I also just adore her name. It is so precious! Here are a few images from the session.



Interested in your own newborn session? Please make sure to contact me and get your due date booked in! Sessions are at studio in Rockland Maine.  Please take a look at my website or email me to book!

Team Lisa Lynn Photos – March for babies 2013 Rockland Maine

Just wanted to post about the March for babies walk. Walk was at the Rockland Elks Club. Registration started at 8 and walk took off at 9! My daughter was so kind enough to help me this year. Not only do I have a team “Lisa Lynn Photos”, but I am a volunteer and on the Rockland Committee.

I woke super early for this event. Quincie and I headed to my studio first thing and picked up my camera and forms. Then we to Tim Hortons in Rockland. Tim Hortons was so very kind, and donated a HUGE amount of donut holes and yummy coffee.  That was so great of them. This is the 2nd year for Tim Hortons to donate coffee and donuts! Really…..They just rock. Also I had a very nice man that was having coffee at Tim Hortons help me load the coffee in my truck. (That baby was heavy!!) I was just about to head back in from moving my car and he came out with it. Thank you so much!!!!

We headed over to the Elks and then unloaded everything. We helped get

out food and then I started to take some photos. I filled out my forms after and then registered us in! 🙂

The walk was great! I didn’t get to walk last year, I took photos and stayed behind and helped out. This year my daughter was right beside me. A really nice  walk. Not to long and not too short. Quincie timed us, it took an hour. The walk was 4 miles.

After the walk, I hope you got to enjoy some yummy hotdogs. Perfect! A great day! . The Elks cleaned out the Tim Horton’s canester for me. (yay lighter) So great! The rest of food went to food pantry in Rockland!

So many people that day. Rockland walk raised 27,000.00! So wonderful!!

By the time I got home my kiddos were still in their pj’s

(sick) and felt like early morning still. Did so much in a small amount of time.

Its so nice to help out and volunteer. I started a team 4 years ago. I wanted to make sure that other little babies get a fighting chance. I have 3 healthy babies. 3 healthy pregnancy’s.  I want other moms to know that, their are people out there who care. That their are people out there willing to help out in anyway they can. To make sure your baby has a fighting chance.

I hope you enjoy the photos! 🙂

Team Lisa Lynn Photos raised 211.00!!! Thank you to Doug Campbell, Bowleys Garage, Erica Davis, Jackie Betts for Helping me raise money for my team. A little can go along way! ❤