This weekend was full of family time. Planting a garden and just being together. We did some bird watching while it rained.



Liberty Senior Session Rockport / Rockland Maine

So needing to update my blog. I had to post Miss Liberty Senior Session.

This was a very fun session! A very different session. Which I loved! Liberty and her mom Aimee are huge SNL fans. So she wanted to do her own Bumper poster! YES PLEASE! I loved she wanted to do this.

We did outside session first. Which was a little buggy. Boo, but all the flowers were so pretty! Liberty looks amazing in every photo! Plus not busy where we were at. Yay!

Once done outside we headed back to the studio and Liberty dolled herself up and had a yummy cake! No not to eat. Aimee set the cake on her feet, she balanced it and tada! Awesome image! 😉 Well not that easy. 🙂

Who doesn’t love cake? Chocolate at that! She wanted something different. If you haven’t check out SNL bumper posters before you should take a look. All fun!

I loved this session. Not only because it was different, but it was nice to see a mother and daughter giggling laughing and having tons of fun. I have 2 daughters and I hope someday, when they are that age, we can do the same! 😉

I hope Liberty and Aimee had as much fun as I did. I know I love every single photo as well! Thank you again!

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It was a foggy morning. So neat to see so much fog on the beach. Olivia (Livi) is my niece. So I had fun with her. I want to do more fall photos with her too. Fall is my favorite season, so I can’t wait!

Congrats Livi! Class of 2013! wahooo!!

The Pollis Family

What a pretty morning for this session. Jen is a friend of mine. So it was so fun to take photos of her and her family. We went to Sandy Beach (South End Beach). It was pretty. They all looked great! I tried getting smiles out of Gaige. Boys! Didnt want to crack a smile. I had fun and I hope they did too.

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Babies babies babies. Oh boy, how I love them so! Newborns are so cute, so new, and so little. They grow so fast its crazy! I got to meet this little bundle of joy, Savanah. (BTW, love the name!) She looks just like a little doll. Perfect skin and oh so cute! She was five days old in these photos. She was lifting her head in some. She is a very strong little girl. Her older sister Felicity is a cutie pie too. She loved watching her sister and was awesome during the session!  I hope to work with them again! They are a very wonderful family! Thank you guys for booking with me! So much fun!

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Kirby & Bryce

Bryce was a little shy for this session. It was nice and breezy out, so maybe my crazy hair scared him. doesnt stop me from trying to get a good shot, even if its far away! He even tried to pretend he was asleep, maybe thinking I would go away. He is a cute little guy and I am glad to have met him. I am sure he was glad I had left!

It was cute to see him cuddle up to mommy when I would get to close. It’s also good that he knows that, there is a stranger around! I would try to distract him and talk about the birds.

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Little Spark

Last night I wanted to practice up on, sparklers at night. I have a wedding coming up that I thought it would be fun doing this for a wedding. So here are some text shots of just the sparklers. Tonight I am going to do the face and sparklers. So fun. Thank you to my awesome husband who helped me out!